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    Rules of the Tournament

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    Rules of the Tournament Empty Rules of the Tournament

    Post  The Wraith Of Despair on Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:33 am

    Here is a nice explanation of how the tournament rules function.
    First off, the type of fighting is a 2v2 duel, which means all 4 players having full health and being "ready" to fight. The fight starts at some distance from one another, namely the "bridge" length in meleefields map. All classes are allowed, throwing weapons are as well, resupplying weapons is not allowed (aka no ammobox) and one duel ends when either pair is dead and the "winning" pair has at least 1 fighter alive. 6 victories are needed to end a match. During a match, each fighter is allowed to change class ONCE, and cannot return to his previous class afterwards. Every match will be viewed by at least 1 witness/referee.
    The tournament itself is a direct-elimination type, and depending on the final number of partecipants there will be more starting groups, like in a football league. Why? Well how else could we put 50+ people on a server? With 2 separate groups, we can use 2 servers. When there's enough people to fit 1 single server, the groups will blend in together, at which time one of the following happens:
    A) There's an odd number (15) of pairs, and there will be a random extraction for one pair to advance to the next level, leaving a non odd number (14) ready to fight normally.
    B) There isn't an odd number so the tournament proceeds normally.
    Signed: The Wraith Of Despair
    Very important note: pairs can NOT contain members belonging to the same gaming clan (example, TRF and TRF, EK and EK, IK and IK), the pairs must be balanced and not-centered on a clan. Also, no clan is allowed to advertise and try to recruit during this event.

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