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    Roster for day 1 !

    The Wraith Of Despair
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    Roster for day 1 ! Empty Roster for day 1 !

    Post  The Wraith Of Despair on Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:10 pm

    It goes like this. Here is the list of randomized players. The pair on top fights the one under it, let's say America+Taki vs Death and Arn, if Death and arn can't show up, then the guys below them, Wraith and Lakritz, will fight america and taki.
    If you can't show up on the 21st, then you must show up on the 22nd at 5pm GMT or you will be eliminated by default.
    Teams on Rk server:
    |K?La| Captain Amnesia [CG] & Vq.| Ziggy
    [PGP] Skarpen + |I.A|^App Zig von Zag
    |K?La| Sir Sagramore Le Desirous + -{Sisu> G ? T - M ? N
    RaiZe + Warblinghat
    RK | Mordred + Lord Faysal
    IK^Slamer and TRF Guan Yu
    RK Dart and TRF Provocateur
    |K?La| Peglegkickboxer & ||MM|| Popcorn4231
    Vq.| Mike Honcho & -]\/[- Dragon
    |I.A|^Pup Soty and Hairy Joe
    Alfred + SkZ '
    †VOID† DoS and |EK| KuZeN
    Teams on IK server:
    |K?La| Captain America and ¤?¤ Takiton
    |EK| Death + †VOID†Arn
    *TRF* Pinkguin + [PGP] Thorbjorn
    IK^Rauno × and /TRS/ Jordan|
    |EK| Kexa+ Hiroshima
    Surtur + Nordavind
    IK^Razorwolf and |EK| Maccoffee
    Vq.| Able + |K?La| Arry
    RK Wulfy+ IK virus
    Vq.| Lord Eddard Stark + ¤?¤ kait_x
    Royo and Olmedo
    Vq.| ???Satoshi & |K?La| Albastard
    ||MM|| Durf + ???-Dweller

    Referees in steamgroup.

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